The Herbal Life ‘was founded in 1981 and is subject work, the introduction and marketing of footwear and accessories.

From its inception, the Herbal life ‘, has become synonymous with the combination of unquestionable quality and impeccable service. Our company is not complacent and are not idle minutes, constantly pioneer, innovate and set new goals with the basic motto of the customer.

Today, the ‘Herbal life’ has evolved into a company orientation that emphasizes customer service and to create innovative fashion design, offering advanced design concept and a ‘value for money’ something now seeks the modern consumer .

In Herbal life ‘to follow the developments in fashion are not enough, we strive to stay one step ahead and where we can determine.


The aim of Herbal life ‘is constantly evolving and ranks first in your preference.

Since our company works with the organization and accountability, administrative flexibility is one that helps to more effectively meet the needs of its customers. And to fulfill this goal presents comprehensive proposals for the excellent and prompt service Toth customer in every respect so absolute satisfaction.

The management of ‘Herbal life’, emphasized in the design and manufacture of goods which are currently the reference for the Greek market in terms of quality, elegance and attractive price.

The company has invested greatly in manpower, staffing, and who cares strongly for keeping them in order to put into practice the philosophy of the company.

The above philosophy is that which characterizes the shoe company ‘Herbal life’ of the first steps and is what allowed her to emerge in the market. It’s the same philosophy since its establishment, allows us to make unprecedented steps and offered its customers something new and always something special.

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